Custom Glyph Lists

Create a namelist.txt file, perhaps using a spreadsheet to list Unicode codepoints and glyph names. For example:

0xEC00 octDotDhe
0xEC01 octDotDheDbl
0xEC02 octDotDheTrpl
0xEC03 octDotDheQdrpl
0xEC04 octDotLik
0xEC05 octDotLikDbl
0xEC06 octDotLikTrpl
0xEC07 minirLik
0xEC08 minirDhe
0xEC09 minirBawah
0xEC0A soroganDhe
0x-001 soroganLik


Grille View > taille de base repères

Créer des glyphes

unicode + name

Créer des ligatures

Lister tous les glyphes d’une fonte w/ python

Source :

import fontforge;
font ="path/to/file.sfd");	#Open a font
# loop into font
# retrieve glyphs
# loop (end)